Sunday, January 21, 2007


I am typing this in haste, as I have recently discovered many secrets which probably should have been revealed to me in a less abrupt manner, as I am still in shock. Charlie and I have talked about the many paulas, and have come to the conclusion that we are not to trust any of them, at least until we work out which is which. also, we have decided to try to rescue Garhuckle from Paula/palula number1/2/3 as he is most likely in grave danger. Before we do that,though, we must round up the remaining paulas and put them in some sort of large cage to make sure the cannot wreak any mor havoc on the world.

my to do list:
  • round up the paulas
  • lock them somewhere
  • find Garhuckle
  • rescue him
  • capture the other paula/palula
  • decide which is which
  • ask Sanchez if he knew about the Paula problem
  • feed my new pet the venus fly catcher

yours, even-more-confused-than-before,

Alyss and Sanchez

Friday, January 19, 2007

Has Paula gone mad?

Dearest, dearest, dearest readers.

I quite apologise for the lack of posting once again, as things have been rather hectic around here lately. I have been reading the blog of Garhuckle, and was most surprised by the amount of middle names he has. however, I was not deterred, and Sanchez and I set out for paula's Island. It was a little disconcerting to see Paula brandishing a bread knife and threatening Garhuckle with it. What was even odder, was Sanchez's behaviour. He seemed to know Paula, and she seemed to know him, and (luckily) this distracted Paula, so Garhuckle could escape. Later, When I questioned Sanchez, he claimed that they had been to primary scool together, and were neigbours for quite some time. I felt a bit dubious about this, so I flew off to have some quiet time on my own, However, I didn't get much, as I bumped into Charlie.I didn't mind all that much, though, as we had a good catch up.

yours, still-a-bit-confused,
Alyss and Sanchez

P.s I think Paula is purposly trying to sramble our brains by typing in pig-latin, and making us decipher.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

I Have Arrived

To my wonderful Readers,

I sincerly appologise for not updating sooner, but I was having major computer troubles. However, that is not relevant, as I am updating right now. I have finally made it into france, Although my journey was slow, (as i was disguised as a snail, i felt i should act like one)I did get here, contrary to popular belief. I have been reading paula's blog, and found it surprising that she didn't know about the tracking thingie earlier. I found out about this straight away, and to get back at Charlie, I tattooed pictures of eyes onto her eyelids, so that when she closes her eyes, it looks like they are still open. However, I am getting Distracted again. My stay in france has been lovely, and christmas here was great. I spent christmas day with my french relatives, which was quite amusing. My birthday was also pretty good, as i Got an Ipod Nano sent to me from my cousins in Africa. However, I think I will have to Leave France soon, to rescue my friends.......... Although, I'm sure they can hang on another week......Oh, Speaking of friends, Sanches has turned up! He says he was ambushed by a Mexican restraunt owner, and forced to stand outside the restraunt holding a menu for three months. I was very pleased to see him. Now I shall have some company when I go looking for Paula, Charlie and Garhuckle.

Yours, Very relaxed,
Alyss and Sanches

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Dearest readers,

I am currently in a very foul mood, as our boat has sunk. Garhuckle dismantled the outrigger, trying to find something to hit Ouga with, All because it turned out that Ouga was a spy for the GIA (Greek Intelligence Agency). It all seems rather petty, as being an intelligence agent is no reason for someone to wreck a perfectly innocent boat. However, these things happen. I am now back in Greece, hiding under my lampshade, pretending to be an overly large snail, in the hopes that I will not be recognised, and put in jail for being an aqquaintance of Garhuckle.

I am gradually making my way towards Italy, Being the closest country to Greece in which I am not known. Or perhaps I will go to France. Either way, if any of my companions,(i.e Paula, Charlie, Garhuckle) are reading this, I will be there. Unless I come and rescue you, in which case I will be where you are. I have also sent out a distress signal to Sanchez, in the hopes that I will be able to meet up with him again.

Yours, Snail-like

Thursday, November 30, 2006

In trouble....Again

Dearest readers of my blog,

It seems that Garhuckle has gotten himself into a spot of bother, due to the fact that he stole a can of corned beef. (I still have no idea why anyone would want to eat corned beef, but I guess he has no tastebuds) Also, I believe that Paula has gotten herself a stalker, however, we managed to shake him loose, as Ouga has got himself a watermelon to put on the end of his stick with which he bonks people on the head with.It was with this weapon that he "got rid" of Paula's admirers. Unfortunatly, one of the people he has concussed, was the Greek dictator mr Agamennon, or Agi, as he is more commonly known. Now although he is a terrible leader, and keeps saying that we should all glue ourselves to the carpet, the people for some reason got upset that we concussed thier leader, and as a result are now out to get us.

Charlie told me to go and find Garhuckle, and bring him to the outrigger,However, i found him already there, cowering in the false bottom of the Shikara, which was once used to smuggle Ouga off Jackaland. After Paula had returned, with corned beef(???),fizzy drinks, and other edible items,we boarded the boat. (that is to say, Charlie,Paula, Ouga and I boarded the boat) I had to fend off the number of adoring fans of Paula, who didn't want her to leave, and also the number of adoring fans of Agamennon, who wanted to murder Ouga. Lucky I brought that lampshade.

Yours, Annoyed-with-this-sticky-keyboard

Monday, November 27, 2006

Huh? What Happened?

Dear faithfull peoples,

I woke up from my pancake-filled, guava induced coma today, to find myself somewhere in greece, in a hospital, being fed jelly by a strange person in a large hat. They appeared to be a hospital worker. I asked them if they knew where my friends were, and she/he/it (I can't tell) said in somewhat broken english that Garhuckle (although she/he/it called him " that funny gentleman") had been here a while ago, but had gone down to the cornerstore to find some corned beef. Why anyone would want to eat corned beef I will never know. She/he/it also said that a "goddess/magician/prostitute/prophet had been to see me, and had apparently talked to me, but got frustrated when she discovered all I could say was 'pancakes'. this took me some time to figure out who she meant, then I realised that it must be Paula. Iust as I was contemplating this, a strange sight wandered into the room; it was Charlie, carrying Ouga on her back. She didn't actually make it into my room, as the hospital worker forced her out, complaining of Ouga's smell. so Charlie just shouted at me from the door, asking if I was ok, and if I was still talking about pancakes. I told her I was ok, and can talk about other things now, then I explained about my Guava allergies.
It is nice to have someone to talk to, after all these pancake-filled nights.

yours, should-be-fine-now,

To The Rescue!

My dear and (hopefully) loyal followers,

As you would know,(if you have been following my blog) that the odd ones in the boat are in a spot of bother. They could not see the coming dangers, so I decided that I would rescue them from the boat. To do this, I would have to some how pick up them all at once,(don't ask me how, I hadn't thought of that..I suppose I could use the lampshade...) and carry them to the nearest landmass. This plan could have worked, except that I was hit on the head with a guava(????) presumably the little man called Ouga had hit me with it, and was fored to make a crash landing.

Unfortunatly, I happen to be allergic to guavas, thrown or otherwise, and this allergic reaction makes me think only of pancakes, whilst slipping in and out of a coma. However, there is a good bit to my condition. It makes my wings become waterproof, and I become very, very light, which would be handy if anyone was drowning. I also gain the ability to be able to stay under water for long periods at a time. this is possibly a condition that i inherited from my water-bird ancestors.

yours, sleepily(and strangly, wet.)

(lucky my bag is water-proof, heat-proof and dirt-proof, or my lap-top may not have survived this strangly wet and pancake-filled journey)